I have black Mercedes C230 Kompressor Sports Sedan 2004 model. Car was purchased brand new at Mercedes authorized dealer. There is no modification made to this car and all the servicing done at Mercedes authorized dealer since I bought this car. It had only 58000 miles. Last B servicing which checked any safety related issues and includes regular maintenance, was done at authorized dealer on 02/18/2012. No issue was informed on 02/18/2012 to us by mercedes authorized dealer servicing department. On 06/21/2012, when I was driving this car from work to home, I turned on A/C, A/C shutdown and I started smelling smoke. On left side of my car there is A/C vent and I saw fire inside the hood through that vent.I pulled over car right away and electricity went out with in 1 min of my pulling over and within 4 min, whole car was burning. My car is now totaled. This poses following security concerns:

1. Mercedes C230 2004 is made of highly inflammable material and driver and users of car has very less chance to survive if there is fire.

2. Mercedes C230 2004 model A/C unit is not of highest quality and electrical system is faulty.

Both of above issues poses very serious security risks to public and it needs through investigation.

I contacted Mercedes head quarter for investigation and Mercedes declined to investigate. GEICO stated in report that hood is stuck and cause of fire is unknown. GEICO Insurance Company authorized Mercedes engineers to investigate further upon my request and Mercedes USA does not want to investigate further. I have pictures of burnt car and can share if it helps in investigation to rule out above 2 concerns. We do not want others to go through same ordeal as we went through.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mercedes Benz Car.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1335699

I have a 2005 C230 Kompressor Sport. ~165 K miles.

Fire ignited under hood after 20 minute drive from friends house. Luckily my neighbor was outside and alerted me to smoke curling up out of hood vent. I was able to douse fire before any significant damage. Fire originated from back side of engine between engine and fire wall.

I could see flame on passenger side when I opened the hood. was able to use garden hose to put out fire. Hard to see what caused the fire but so far have found a hood seal and the vacuum hose to the brake master cylinder both charred and melted. Both components are located on driver's side.

It is hard to see between engine and fire wall so hard to see what caused the fire. Am suspecting an oil leak as there appears to be a layer of white ash on topside of transmission.


My 05 c230 only 62000 miles ignited while I was driving with my newborn child !! Left side of vehicle is charred up ...front drivers side .. looks like an electrical issue !!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1110243

2007 C230 up in smoke! Perfect condition and maintained!

Feb, 10, 2016. Same story as above!

to Darl #1451130

Same here. I had a 2007 c230 in perfect conditions and on a couple pictures you can clearly see that the fire started from the drivers side under the hood.


my 2005 c230 sedan just catched fired yesterday also, the whole engine

Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa #644222

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scary story :/


My 2003 C320 caught on fire right after the Oxygen Sensor was repaired. I went to turn the ignition on, smoke started coming out of the vent's and the next thing I knew my sister was pulling me out of the car, saying "get out, your car is on fire.".

The place were the O2 sensor was repaired had "no idea" how that could have happened. Neither did Geico. It is now being repaired, finally over a month later. But, Randy B.

Case Manager from Mercedes Benz USA stated in his letter to me. After review of the forwarded photographs (which only showed the damage to the dash, none of the internal damage to the car), it was determined there was no defect in workmanship or materials that could have caused or contributed to the fire." They didn't even look at the internal damage.

No one knows what caused the fire, they still don't. Nor, do they seem to want to tell me.


My c320 with 53,000 miles caught fire yesterday few inches away from the garage. My 2 little boys had the fright of their life..Mercedes pls help make life safe...Thanks


Exactly the same happened to me, complete write off. 2007 reg Mercedes C320, serviced and MOT done by Mercedes dealer I bought it from :cry


Buy KIA :) :) :)

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