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I had problem with rear camera on model S550 year 2016 from the beginning. Took it multiple times to Benz dealership and they failed to fix it.

Finally I stop the lease payments and took the car back to the dealership, after several weeks the dealership called me and said Benz decided to ground the vehicle and return it to their inventory. I got my tags and returned them to MVA, now Benz is denying the facts and is asking me to continue to pay the lease until the vehicle is fixed and they admitted that they have no fix for it. Their service and customer support is so bad, i hope Government look into their unfair practices.

Any suggestions will be helpful. They are awful and ignorant.

Product or Service Mentioned: Auto Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Update, after nearly a year of returning the car to Mercedes and leasing a brand new 2018 S450 car from Mercedes Benz, they are still sending me bills for the grounded car. Shame on you, Mercedes Benz, how awful is your customer support.


Wait until they auction it off for far less than you owe and send you the bill for the difference.

You'll blow your turban.

You can't return a lease car and stop paying because of a backup camera.

Rockville, Maryland, United States #1353701

Not resolved and they have sent me a bill for over $30,000 for the remaining duration of the lease. Mercedes Banz has taken the possession of the car and they want me also to continue to pay them. I our government look into unlawful and unjust practices of these big corporations.

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