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I own a C240 and when I hit lock button on by remote the lock on the drivers side bounce up and down. It some times locks and sometimes does not lock.

This problem just started out of the blue with no issues before it started.

I did some research on Google and found that many other owner of C series have the same problem. My car is out of warranty but this problems should be handled as a recall because it is a common defect.

MB should cover the cost of the replacement and repair. Please contact me at

Review about: Mercedes Benz Car.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I have the exact problem wih my 2006 ML350 and my neighbor has it on her 2009 ML. It started having problems when it was under warantee and the MB dealer kept giving me excuses.

Now that the war has expired the lock has to be pushed down manually 100% of the time.

$700+ to repair it. What a crime!


Ditto - had the same terrible experience with MB and MBUSA - no more MB in my garage.

Lexus from here on

Burien, Washington, United States #61692

I don't own a Mercedes, I own an Envoy. I had the same problem and two GMC dealerships couldn't find the problem.

A co-worker stated to me that she had the same problem and advised me to take it to Chevrolet dealership that she went to and they were able to fix it.

They had to replace a sensor. I haven't had anymore problems.


I had the same problem, over and over again, on my M Class.

My Service Mgr is a great guy, and he's always been up front with me. At the Service Depts., they KNOW this is a problem with the design and quality of the door lock sub-system.

It's just like the Transmission lock-out switch, a $0.001 part that fails all the time! Since the part is common to almost every car they make in the US, it would cost them a lot to re-design and retrofit them, so they just keep on replacing broken parts with soon-to-be-broken ones.

Their own CEO went public to apologize for selling these sub-par cars. Nice, but where's the beef. Did they extend our warranties? Or even just re-design the unreliable parts and replace them? Nope.

So it came down to: "We sold you cars at a quality level that didn't justify the high price you paid, and we're sorry about that, but you're on your own!" Now THAT's a commitment to Customer Satisfaction I can do without.

My ML 320 was never reliable. It broke down on every family vacation we took for 4 years (only 300 miles roundtrip, nothing extreme!). The last one we took it on, it was in a Mercedes Dealership, 60 miles away, for 10 of the 12 days of our trip!

When the annual maintenance costs for my ML320 began to exceed a car payment, I ditched it for an ever-reliable Acura.

I love the way Mercedes drive, when they drive. So much in fact, that if they had stood behind their product, and their customers, I might have been convinced to give them another try. Clearly, they don't care about repeat business and have flushed all their current owners as return customers.

Well too bad for them. I will NEVER again own another Mercedes. Judging by the shocked reactions of all my friends, family and Colleagues, neither will they. My guess, Mercedes has lost about 20 to 30 potential vehicles sales by virtue of the way they treated me, and all the rest of their unfortunate customers. Why don't you take warning from it too, and add to the list!

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