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I have a 2007 E550 Mercedes. When the car had only 35,00 miles, we discovered by mere chance that we had a swimming pool of fuel under the back seat. Just imagine if someone lit a lighter inside this car. I am sure it would have exploded, and I would have lost my family. What is scary was that Mercedes said the defective component of the fuel pump was a known issue in this car and they had extended the warranty to cover it. When I questioned why there was not a recall for this issue, I was told that a re-call was never mandated by any safety or government agency. Obviously, they chose to fix the problem only for those car owners who would report it, that is of course if they discover the problem before they burn in the exploded car. You would have to wonder where are the NHTSA and other government agencies that are supposed to do their job and protect us. Why there was not a mandated recall for this problem. You would also have to wonder how many people could have possibly been killed in an exploded car and no one would know the real reason.

Around the same time with the same number of miles, we found out that front tires were wearing out unevenly and quickly. Common senses suggested that we take the car for alignment service. We were told by a known alignment shop that those cars can not be aligned because they come out of the factory missing a part called Camber Adjuster which prevents alignment and we would have to take it to a dealer and pay $600 to add that part, which of course we did. In my opinion, that was just a cheap tactic to force you to get the first alignment done at a dealership.

Few weeks later, at 35,000 miles, the electric system controlling the driver seat stopped working and the driver seat would move backward or forward.

Now, when the car has 53,000 miles, we have two major problems with the car computer system: The Reman control of the cooling system goes bad and the cooling fan works continuously and at maximum RPM. Also, the control unit controlling the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) goes bad and the car is unable to handle road emergency. The two problems happened within couple of weeks. Of course, this was not covered under the warranty because the car is 11 years old, even though it was only driven 53,000 miles (less than the 60,000 miles warranty). Do we really expect those electronic components to go bad after 53,000 miles? Obviously, Mercedes think it acceptable quality level. In fact, you learn much more about the poor quality of these cars if you just google “Mercedes Complaints”.

Should we now just lower our expectations of the quality of these highly-priced foreign cars? And why should we? I honestly say it is about time to re-think this craze of foreign cars and look at some American-made cars that are reasonably priced before we jump on these big name foreign cars. For the record, I owned an American-made car before that I had purchase at one third of the price of this Mercedes car and kept it until it had 70,000 and I did not spend one penny except for regular maintenance.

If you had a similar experience or an opinion, please share it on the forum. Again, please remain factual. Let’s hope our responsible government agencies and consumer protection agencies pay attention to what is going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2007 Mercedes Benz E550 Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Quality of their car.

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