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Dear Sir,

My name is Mahmoud Massekh and I live in Alexandria, Egypt. I own a 2007 Mercedes Benz S500. I want to file a very serious complaint against Mercedes dealer in Egypt. they violated all codes of customer service in their service center and treat us with no respect or up to Mercedes benz standards. I'm very angry and don't know what to do, I even thought about legal action but decided to contact you first. I need information please on whom to contact and where so I can file this complaint, this is very serious and I need help please.

You can email me at ysahwy@aol.com

Thank you

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #709461

Hi Ralph. I do not agree with your company's position.

To date we had the roof trim replaced, the roof trim brackets broken (in shop for repairs), the door panels replaced, the roof cover replaced, and we are waiting for the glove box door (the material on existing one is delaminating). In addition, there are paint flaws caused by poor handling (according to MBUSA). And, after all this, I do not hear any embarrassment or indication of compensations for my troubles from MBUSA or Daimler. I am starting to believe this is standard quality for Mercedes Benz.

I agree, having a MB approved body shop do anything to the paint could reduce the cars value (if the value is not already compromised due the number and type repairs already accomplished). At this point, I feel I have the following options:

1) We can file a Lemon Law Claim or other legal claim. This option is not optimum for anyone and my wife will not let me.

2) We keep the car; but given the current position of MBUSA, it is very unlikely I will ever have anything good to say about Mercedes Benz. And my family will never buy another MB product and I will do my best to dissuade my friends, coworkers, people I meet, from buying a Mercedes Benz car.

3) We can trade/sell it and buy some other company's car. I have two very good vehicles from Toyota and BMW. Unfortunately, I fear the trade in value of this car may be very inconsistent with the possibly overstated quality of MB.

4) We can come to an agreement about compensation/price adjustment. My wife likes the car and we would consider buying another Mercedes Benz in a few years.

Honestly, I prefer option 4. You have my money and you can maintain your position, but ask yourselves what if? What if we, given all the defects we forced on this consumer, we agreed to compensation of a few thousand dollars for the actual depreciated value to save ourselves more than $30K, $40K, $50K (times friends and family) in future sales. I appreciate your further consideration.



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