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What I sent to them ---

"I have a 2004 e320, it has what appears to be a cracked left side fuel sender. Or so it seems!? This is a common problem on e class models ---as I'm more than sure you know. Campaign 2008-020001 covers this exact problem on 211 models 2003-2006, which my car is. However when my vin was run at the dealer, it is supposedly not covered!? The service manager tells me its ridiculous, that its again, "more than obvious", its the same problem or defect. Yet not covered. He suggested I call mercedes and after an " investigation" I was told nothing would be covered!? An investigation that included or predominately was decided over, the fact that I have stopped regularly servicing my car at the dealer! My car looks and runs like new other than this problem, in fact I researched it and found the recall because I wanted it perfect as to trade in or sell and replace it! So mercedes won't cover a problem that has 1000s of complaints pending with the NHTSA. I cannot fill my gas tank because if I do the backseat (drivers side) fills with fumes and my children complain. I pulled the backseat in the service area parking lot and we opened the hatch and saw the gas sitting in the sender ( see attached pic). It was like we were looking at the pictures attached to the campaign!!! Yet not covered!?

I have owned 3 mercedes benz in my lifetime. I can honestly say that I firmly believe they are the best constructed, most reliable, and sharpest looking cars on the road. I have spent years telling everyone I know, anyone that would listen, that once you own a mercedes benz you can't own any other car. And I routinely argue with my BMW loving best friend ( a luxury car dealer) over which is the better vehicle. My car has reached 125k, it's time for a new mercedes. If any part of you believes I will ever buy another mercedes when the company will not in good faith fix my vehicle that is so obviously having a problem that is manufacturing defect, then you are out of your mind!

I'm no ***, I realize if you have even bothered to read this far into the letter, the company could probably care less about one consumer, but you will have lost a truly faithful customer who would've never bought another brand. And whom will exhaust my fingers and wear out my ipad on every blog, website, complaint site, NHTSA hotline, and anywhere else I can to be sure that I will deter as many people as I can from ever buying a mercedes because a multi billion dollar company didn't stand by their product, and fix a maybe $1500 problem.

If you took the time to read this, and take the time to compare my symptoms and pics to that of the campaign ( and I'm sure millions of complaints), then anyone with any power, and want to do the right thing, will help me and keep me on team mercedes!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • mercedes service sucks
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It's not covered on your car because your vin # is not part of the faulty product date. It has to do with a certain fitting that was only used on a certian range of production. Get your facts straight

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